La Gomera

La Gomera, the second smallest of the Canary Islands, is an ideal destination for a relaxing holiday, a varied active holiday or for a nice family holiday.

Thanks to the mild climate of La Gomera, the island offers an attractive holiday destination in every season. In the summer it is pleasantly warm, but not too hot with temperatures between 26 and 28 degrees Celsius. Even in the winter months, visitors of the island can enjoy the average of the 20 degrees Celsius and warm rays of the Sun.

Diverse Island

La Gomera is a very diverse Island, which offers much to discover.

insel-la-gomera-151212-0020 The North of Gomera which is strongly influenced by the moist trade wind, shines in an evergreen garment, with extensive forests and green mountain slopes.

The dryer South however is characterized by significantly sparse planting, here especially Stonecrop family, Canary date palms and shrubs can be found.

The West of the island, where the Valle Gran Rey is located, offers a good mix of much sun and beautiful vegetation. Also here are the most beautiful beaches of La Gomera, where the Atlantic offers refreshments and bathing fun.

Holiday on La Gomera

Holiday on La Gomera can vary, depending on what you are looking for, you will find it. Those who just want to relax, can find a holiday accommodation in a quiet location, with a swimming pool for relaxing sunbathing and relaxing. For those who rather want more action, can find a variety of ways.


With a large and well-developed network of hiking trails, which covers almost the entire island, La Gomera is excellent to explore by foot. Whether beginner or advanced hikers, here is something for everyone.

You can take many walks alone, some other walks however, are recommended accompanied by an experienced guide. There are also various cycling routes to discover the island by bike.

It is worth to rent a car to get to know the different parts of the island, because the public buses that are not very useful for that.

With the Atlantic Ocean at your doorstep also various water activities are offered. During boat trips, you can see the coast from the water and meet on various sea creatures like whales and dolphins. Also, you can snorkel and dive off the coast.

Fine culinary treats

La Gomera offers culinary highlights. Fish dishes, such as grilled tuna filet or fillet of the cherne (stone bass) are typical. These dishes are mostly served with the delicious canarian wrinkly potatoes (papas arrugadas) and submitted the Canary Mojo sauces.

It is advisable to try the traditional Potaje de Berros (watercress soup), and Garbanzas (chickpeas) and above all delicious desserts like Leche asada or Flan. These are served with Miel de Palma, the tasty sweet Palm honey.

More local products you should not miss are Almogrote (spicy cream cheese), fresh goat cheese and Gofio. Also in many restaurants you can get wine from La Gomera.

La Gomera offers everything in all its visitors a lot for a unforgettable holiday.

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