Valle Gran Rey

The town of Valle Gran Rey, in the West of La Gomera, invites its visitors on an unforgettable holiday.

The valley is divided into several districts. The lower ones at the sea side are La Puntilla, La Playa and Vueltas. A little above there are Borbalan and La Calera. There are more districts in the upper valley, such as El Guro and Casa de la Seda.

In La Puntilla is our small holiday complex Paraiso del Conde directly by the sea and close to the beaches Playa de Valle Gran Rey and Charco del Conde.

Beaches in Valle Gran Rey

The most beautiful beaches on the island are located in Valle Gran Rey. The longest beach is the Playa de Valle Gran Rey, which connects the districts of La Puntilla and La Playa.

playa-la-puntilla-valle-gran-rey-091104-0015 Here, you can swim relaxed and enjoy the Sun.

The most beautiful beach is the Playa Ingles thanks to its special ambience, at the end of La Playa. This beach is especially nice to soak up the Sun, however, there are dangerous undercurrents in this coastal area of the Atlantic Ocean that must not be underestimated.

Specially protected beaches and therefore great for families with children are the Charco del Conde and the Harbour Beach in Vueltas.

Restaurants and bars

The Valle Gran Rey offers a variety of bars and zumerias, for example for breakfast. For breakfast in your apartment you get everything in the nearby small supermarket which is only a few steps away from Paraiso del Conde.

If a breakfast outside is desired, the Cacatua bar and the Bistro, both in Vueltas, are recommended. Both places are accessible from the Paraiso de Conde by a 5 minutes walk, and prepare delicious bocadillos (baguettes) and sandwiches, as well as fresh fruit juices (zumos naturales) and much more.

Many restaurants in the Valle Gran Rey offer delicious Canarian cuisine. Particularly good food offers the restaurant Charco del Conde, only a few steps from Paraiso del Conde. Here, you can enjoy not only good food, but also a great view to the sea. also recommended are, El Palmar in Borbalan with local cuisine, as well as the Coco Loco with a mix of canarian, german and international cuisine. Great asian food there is in El Baifo, in La Playa.

Activities in Valle Gran Rey

From Valle Gran Rey takes you well to various hiking trails. For longer hikes, there is a wide range of guided tours. Bike tours are offered from here.

A real highlight are whale watching tours that are offered from the port in Valle Gran Rey. The sea area around La Gomera is one of the best spots in Europe for successful whale watching. One provider of whale watching trips is Excursiones Tina, which offer various boat trips with their cosy boat.

You decide how to spend your holidays in Valle Gran Rey – pure relaxing or activities. The Paraiso del Conde team will help you by giving you information or book the tours for you.

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