Whale Watching in Valle Gran Rey

The sea area around La Gomera is one of the best areas in Europe for successful whale and dolphin watching tours with many great sightings.

Off the coast of La Gomera, different species live set throughout the year. Therefore you can encounter with dolphins at every season of the year and with a little luck whales as well.

Relaxing boat trips to the South of La Gomera

Excursions to for whale watching mostly lead to the southern coast of La Gomera. There, on the shadow side of the island, are the best conditions for sightings.

excursiones-tina-120529-0022 The sea is the quietest here and often, not far from the coast, there are already the first dolphins, mostly Bottlenose or Atlantic spotted dolphins. The Pilot whales are especially impressive.

There are large whales off the coast of Gomera, although you need some more luck, to meet these giants of the sea, because they are usually solitary and can stay for a long time under water.

However one can sight Bryde’s whales regularly, especially during the summer there are lots of these gentle giants off the coast. Sometimes, which is really fortunate, even sperm whales show up in front of the boat.

Whale watching with the Tina or the Speedy

We, the team of Paraiso del Conde, recommend boat trips with Excursiones Tina and Speedy Adventure. Both boats depart from Vueltas, in the harbour of Valle Gran Rey.

The Tina is a 24-metre yacht, a very comfortable boat with sunny and shadow terraces, an indoor area and several toilets on board. During the tours with the Tina there is also offered, depending on which tour you choose, a delicious, typical canarian lunch or Tapas and Sangria.

speedy-gomera-whale-watching-00001-800x533-600x400 Speedy is for those who prefer something sportier. The 12 metre long rubber raft with two powerful engines, can accommodate 12 guests aboard.

The boat is very low and close to the water surface, therefore it offers a particularly intense whale watching experiecence.

Both boats perform respectful whale and dolphin watching and are, also because of that, particularly recommended!

More information about boat trips

Both boats do also offer tours to the natural monument of Los Órganos in the north of La Gomera, depending on the weather and sea conditions.

We are happy to give you more information about the various trips and departure times or can reserve seats for you. Just ask us at the reception counter!

You will find more information here:
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